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The 6 necessary balances in life

Note: I’ve coined some new english words that are used in the essay below. This is a working draft.

Custom Words Used Meaning
gehoputu GEtting out of way, HOding, PUshing along current and then direction TUrning (Aikido move where instead of blocking an attack head on, you get out of the incoming force and use opponent’s own energy to push along, control, turn and throw him off balance)
sccolt/sccoltly Solwly, Consciously, Continuously Over Long Time. e.g. he worked sccoltly
befeths BEhaviours FEeling THhoughts
nisaalst law How we’re generally likely to behave in the next given timeframe, is usually close to the Average of Last Several Timeframes. More details in essay below.

1. Balanced Concerns

2. Balanced Feedbacks

3. Balanced Self-Assertions

4. Balanced Reflection-Rest-Action

5. Balanced Exertions

6. Balanced Expectations